Tesla EDR black box downloads

Kodsi Forensic Engineering is pleased to announce that we have expanded our provision of Event Data Recorder Tools again.  We can now download data from the airbag control modules of Tesla vehicles.  The Tesla modules record essentially the same “15 standard elements” of data we’ve been reporting to you from other late-model vehicles.  The data will generally include:

  • Speed Change both longitudinally and laterally
  • Seatbelt use for the driver and right front passenger
  • Occupant classification of the right front passenger
  • Deployments commanded
  • 5 seconds of pre-crash data in 0.5 second increments including:
    • Vehicle Speed
    • Accelerator Pedal application
    • Electric Motor RPM
    • Brake application
    • Steering input
    • ABS and Stability Control activity

As with all Event Data Recorder downloads, the data must be reviewed along with the reported sequence of events and physical evidence (vehicle damage during the examination) to confirm if the recorded data was actually the reported event.  Forensic analysis of the data can assist in the reconstruction of “what happened?”




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