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Technology articles:

Now Available: Tesla “Black Box” EDR Downloads

Kodsi Forensic Engineering is pleased to announce that we have expanded our provision of Event Data Recorder Tools again.  We can now download data from the airbag control modules of Tesla vehicles.  The Tesla modules record essentially the same “15 standard elements”... read more

Present and Future Applications of the “Black Box”

Since access to automotive “black box” data first became available in the early 1990s, they have increasingly become a gold mine of information for insurers and investigators alike. What we colloquially refer to as a “black box” in an automobile is officially known as... read more

Using Video Evidence in Accident Reconstruction

  We love objective evidence. When forensic experts get video footage related to a collision or incident, it’s like Christmas came early for us. Photos of the incident scene with the vehicles still in their final rest positions are like that sweater from your... read more

Forget Hot-wiring: Investigating Modern-Day Vehicle Theft

We’ve all seen movies from the 90’s where a thief would strip back a couple of wires under the dash of a vehicle and connect them to start the car without a key and drive away. But that technique (called “hot-wiring”) is useless on most vehicles built since the mid to... read more

The Art and Science of Photogrammetry

Measurements of scene evidence or vehicle damage are often used in forensic analysis and reconstruction because many of the calculations used to answer questions depend on these measurements. One of the techniques experts use to accurately measure evidence such as... read more

Headlight Technologies & Accident Reconstruction

Have you ever driven down a roadway at night and looked into your rear-view mirror, only to be blasted by the super bright headlights of the vehicle behind you? If you have, you already know first-hand of one of the downsides of advanced headlight technology: having... read more

View Engineering Simulations of a Head-on Collision

Forensic engineering simulations are one of the many tools our experts utilize to refine their understanding of a collision or vehicle dynamics. When created by professional experts with intimate knowledge of the complex, physics-based accident-reconstruction... read more

The Evolution of Automotive Safety Systems

Automotive safety systems have evolved tremendously considering that the humble seatbelt wasn’t even mandatory in new North American vehicles until 1968, 13 years after it was first made available as an option (see “The Seatbelt Turns 60” for more on... read more

Commercial Vehicle Hacking: The New Hacking Frontier?

Reports about vehicle hacking have become more common in recent months, but while consumers worry about their own vehicles being targeted, the owners and insurers of commercial vehicles may actually have the most to lose. Why are commercial vehicles especially at... read more

The Volatility of Black Box Data

In our last newsletter (winter 2015), we wrote about the importance of preserving black box data early in the claims process. The reason it is so critical to obtain black box data as soon as possible is because in some vehicles the data can be erased over time,... read more

The Evolution of the “Black Box”

The Event Data Recorder (EDR) or “black box” provides our experts with a powerful tool, allowing us to reconstruct the events of a collision in greater detail, with higher accuracy, and with more precision than ever before. These black box modules began appearing in... read more

When Do Airbags Deploy?

Now there’s a tricky question. There is no single answer as to when an airbag should or should not deploy. Nor is there a magic collision speed that sets off airbags. Certainly not all types of crashes will result in airbag deployment, and airbags may not necessarily... read more
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