Forensic Services:
Structural Investigations

With rapid economic development, accelerated project delivery, sub-par maintenance practices, and renovations of older structures, there are multiple facets that must be considered when assessing the cause of structural failure or damage. Forensic structural engineering involves the careful assessment of buildings and or structures that have failed (or failed to function as designed) and resulted in property damage and/or personal injury in order to determine the primary and any contributory causes.

Common forensic structural issues we can investigate and remediate are: building code violations, foundation and framing issues, water damage, wind damage, soil/earth/geotechnical issues, design flaws, and losses from construction accidents.

The collaboration between Kodsi Forensic Engineering and DIALOG results in a multi-disciplinary team with extensive experience in building design and forensic investigations. As such, Insurers can count on a complete solution all in one place

Our Forensic Structural Engineering services include:

✔  Building and structural inspections

✔  Building and structural evidence preservation

✔  Surveying

✔  Failure mode analysis

✔  Remediation / rehabilitation

✔  Non-destructive Testing

✔  Computer Finite Element Modeling

Expert witness and litigation support

Our comprehensive set of Forensic Structural Engineering Services are offered in collaboration with DIALOG.

Kodsi Forensic Engineering, through its acquisition of Forensic Engineering Inc., pioneered forensic structural engineering investigations by being the first firm in Canada to offer the expertise in 1968. Kodsi Forensic Engineering brings a rich heritage of objective, research-based, and court-tested forensic science and engineering matters.

DIALOG was established in 1960 and is a leading multi-disciplinary Canadian architecture, engineering, design and urban planning firm with studios located in Vancouver, Edmonton, Calgary, and Toronto. DIALOG, through its key Structural Engineering experts Daria Khachi and Nabil Mansour, brings its extensive experience in cutting-edge building design and the latest tools, techniques, and expertise in inspection, analysis, and remediation.

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