Process of Working with a Forensic Expert

We have streamlined our process to make working together as easy and convenient as possible. Get a high level overview of the stages investigations proceed through.

Evidence & Documents to Submit to Us

Check this page for guidance on what documentation and evidence you should submit to us so we can best assist you with your investigation.

Black Box Information & List of Covered Vehicles

Learn about the black box and check¬†the most up to date list of vehicles with EDRs (“black boxes”) we can download.

Post-Crash Questions for Statements & Discoveries

We have a handy one-page document to help you collect all the information you need for statements and discoveries.

Vehicle Fire Questions for Information Gathering

This handy document will help you collect all the information needed for an automotive fire investigation.

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Submit New Assignment

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Check for Conflict

Get a quick conflict check on a file.

The Kodsi Post

Our blog is a great resource for information on all kinds of topics related to accident reconstruction, black boxes, biomechanics, slip and falls, and SO much more.
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