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Research articles:

Driver Response Time to Four Hazard Types

Driver perception-response time is one of the most argued variables among experts in human factors, driver behaviour, and crash reconstruction.  Although several studies have been conducted to study drivers’ perception and response to certain roadway hazards, some... read more

Crash Testing Science: Why Do We Crash?

Vehicle collisions occur every day in every imaginable combination of vehicle type, speed, angle, and a plethora of other factors. Studying the physics of all sorts of collisions is important for a number of reasons, the foremost of which are to improve vehicle safety... read more

Registration is open Crash Conference 3!

Join us on Thursday, May 12, 2016 for Crash Conference 3! Registration is now open! Our interactive conference features live, human-subject crash tests, affording you the unique occasion to witness what happens during collisions. Learn about vehicle crash dynamics,... read more

Save the Date for our 2016 Crash Conference!

We are crashing for research again! Our 3rd Crash Conference will be held on May 12, 2016 in Mississauga, Ontario. Don’t miss the chance to attend the only crash conference in Ontario where insurance, legal, and other professionals can observe human subject... read more

The Effect of Age on Slip, Trip, and Falls

  Walking is an essential motor skill used during the activities of daily life. There are factors that can affect an individuals’ stability during locomotion and should be considered when determining the risk and probability of sustaining an injury due to a slip,... read more

Watch our new video: Crashing for Research

Step into the driver’s seat and learn all about our crash testing. Our 2014 Crash Conference video shows you some of our crash tests and additional behind the scenes footage with commentary by our lead experts.   UPDATE: Our Crash Conferences have gotten... read more

The Amber Signal Conundrum

As you approach an intersection facing a green traffic signal, you sometimes find yourself in an awkward position when the traffic signal changes to amber, and you need to make a choice about whether you should firmly apply your brakes and stop, or continue through... read more

Hydroplaning 101: Driving Safely in Spring Showers

Spring showers may be a welcome change from the harsh cold and road slush. Unfortunately, your vehicle is susceptible to encountering unusually high water levels on the road during this season. When one or more tires on a vehicle actually loses contact with the road... read more

Walking the Walk

Imagine yourself walking along a sidewalk by yourself on a nice sunny day. Now imagine yourself jaywalking across a busy wet street during a rainstorm. In each of these two scenarios, you most likely pictured yourself moving at different speeds. Pedestrian speed is a... read more

KEI’s 1st Crash Test Conference

The staff at KEI would like to extend a big thank you to all attendees for making our first Crash Test Conference a huge success! The conference was held on May 31st in Mississauga where nearly one hundred and fifty professionals in the legal, insurance, and law... read more

Filling in the Gaps in Pedestrian Speed Research

Even though most pedestrians struck by vehicles are mid-block jaywalking, the vast majority of research only measures pedestrian speeds within controlled environments such as sidewalks or crosswalks. Picking up on this serious disparity, KEI engineers conducted a... read more

KEI Engineers Attend the ARC-CSI Crash Test Conference

KEI engineers Shady Attalla and Karla Cassidy travelled to Las Vegas in June 2012 to attend the ARC-CSI Crash Test Conference. They observed seven different crash tests, some of which involved multiple impacts between multiple vehicles.  “Seeing the collisions... read more

Driver Acceleration Behaviour Research

Even though most intersection crashes involve two-way stop controlled intersections, most research investigated vehicle acceleration profiles within controlled environments such as traffic signal controlled intersections. A prerequisite for the determination of crash... read more
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