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Below is a general overview of our forensic service categories. Please click on the service area of interest for more information.

Crash Reconstruction

Crash reconstruction, human factors / driver behaviour, damage consistency, environmental factors, and MVA biomechanics.

Holistic Evidence Preservation

Preserve critical physical and digital vehicle evidence: EDR (“black box”), Infotainment System Data, DTC’s and more.  

Injury Biomechanics

MVA and non-MVA (slip/trip and fall) biomechanical assessments.

Vehicle Fire Investigations

Vehicle fire origin determination, fire cause assessments, component assessment, and accelerant testing.

Structural Forensics

Building and structural inspections, survey, evidence preservation, failure mode analysis, remediation, and more.

Forensic Locksmithing

Vehicle theft claim investigations including assessment of forced entry, immobilizer tampering, key cloning, EDR, telematics, and more.  

Canada-Wide Forensic Engineering Experts

Our full suite of forensic engineering services are available in all Canadian provinces and territories, and even internationally, to assist you in making efficient and data-driven decisions when handling your claims and cases. For evidence in Ontario, Manitoba, Alberta, British Columbia and Atlantic Canada, our forensic experts have boots on the ground and can preserve your evidence swiftly.

Email or call us at 1-800-263-6351 for a custom evidence preservation quote

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Helpful Resources

The "Black Box" Crash Course

Our brief video covers all the need-to-know essentials about EDR data.

"Black Box" Quick Info Sheet

Download our one page summary on automotive “black boxes”


Go to our seminar page to request a 1-hour in-depth “black box” seminar, or view our other seminar topics.

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