With riding season upon us, we thought this would be an excellent time to debunk a few common myths about motorcycles.

MYTH: motorcycles do not have black boxes
Some motorcycles do have event data recorders similar to those found in passenger vehicles.  Some motorcycles such as the Honda Goldwing are even equipped with airbags. [1] [2]

MYTH: most motorcycle collisions involve a left turning vehicle
The majority of motorcycle collisions involve only the incident motorcycle. However, “motorcycle-vehicle” collisions often do involve a turning vehicle, usually a left turning movement. [3]

MYTH: motorcycles are inherently dangerous 
This is the most prolific myth surrounding motorcycles. It is true that a motorcyclist is more vulnerable to injury; however, the rider’s behaviour plays a significant role.  Speeding, rider error, and alcohol consumption are the biggest factors in fatal motorcycle crashes, not the design of the motorcycle itself. 

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