SAM-PRESIDENTS-MSG-websizeThe curious nerds at the KFEI group are constantly exploringconcepts that have not been studied enough, or even at all. This is especially true for information that our team requires to support their analysis and reconstruction of crashes.

When analyzing forensic evidence, we use only the soundest peer-reviewed technical research. But rather than relying solely on the existing knowledge base, we also fund and conduct our own research to contribute new data, models, methods, and formulae to the field. Our Crash Test Conference is one such research initiative that allows us to remain an industry leader.

Our dedication to research translates into a win-win situation for us and for our clients: we continue to be trailblazers in accident reconstruction, driver behaviour and biomechanics, while our clients are provided with expertise that stands up to the scrutiny of cross-examination. The experts at the KFEI group can walk the walk as they talk the talk.

I sincerely hope that you continue to find our newsletter informative, and I look forward to seeing you at this year’s Crash Test Conference.


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