2013 CTC kodsi engineering

The staff at KEI would like to extend a big thank you to all attendees for making our first Crash Test Conference a huge success! The conference was held on May 31st in Mississauga where nearly one hundred and fifty professionals in the legal, insurance, and law enforcement industries convened in order to see for themselves how vehicles and actual human occupants move during crashes. Engineers, scientists, and technicians from KEI conducted seven different crash tests, including tests with T-bone, sideswipe, under-ride, and frontal impacts. While the spectacle of colliding vehicles provided ample excitement for the day, attendees relayed that the conference was a valuable learning experience.

The crash tests were demonstrated at various speeds, including one with the bullet vehicle travelling at nearly 50 km/h. After each crash test, attendees observed as KEI team members surveyed, measured, documented, and collected data from the crash scene, vehicles, and occupants.

Attendees were then invited to inspect the vehicles up-close and ask KEI engineers questions .

Weeks were spent studying and planning the seven crash tests featured at the event. The planning team chose crash scenarios that would emulate real world situations and be most useful for attendees in their own claims investigations. All of the data collected from the vehicles and crash test subjects will be used to produce research that will expand the industry’s knowledge base.

KEI has developed a seminar based on the data from the crash test conference that can be brought to you. Please contact KEI via email at info@kodsiengineering.com to schedule a free seminar or order a copy of the Crash Test DVD which features videos and data from the crash tests.


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