KEI engineers Shady Attalla and Karla Cassidy travelled to Las Vegas in June 2012 to attend the ARC-CSI Crash Test Conference. They observed seven different crash tests, some of which involved multiple impacts between multiple vehicles. 

“Seeing the collisions first-hand and then examining the damage up-close and comparing it to the data collected from the crashes was very interesting and educational,” related Cassidy. Since returning, the information has already been useful to dozens of analyses and reports.  KEI engineers brought back data relating to collision severities and the vehicles’ accelerations, as well as data about human test subjects and crash test dummies in the vehicles. 

Among the unique tests the engineers witnessed was a T-bone impact between a Pontiac Grand Prix and an ambulance. There were two test dummies in the rear of the ambulance that were monitored with a video camera to capture their motions.

Perhaps most spectacularly of all, the engineers were able to observe a Jeep Grand Cherokee mount a Fiat Bertone, using the Fiat as a ramp to roll itself over (pictured above). Sideswipe impacts and T-bone impacts of varying severities were also demonstrated, and the KEI team obtained data from low speed crash tests with human test subjects and dummies in the vehicles.         

The engineering team at KEI look forward to attending future crash test events to gain even more knowledge and first-hand experience of what actually happens during a crash so that they can continue to apply the most up-to-date scientific findings to accident reconstruction.


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