Karla Cassidy

Biomechanist & Crash Reconstructionist

MVA & Personal Injury Forensic Investigations


MVA & Personal Injury Forensic Investigations

Investigations involving Biomechanics


Investigations Involving Biomechanics

Crash Tests as a Human Subject



Crash Tests as a Human Subject


Karla Cassidy, P.Eng., holds a Bachelors and Masters of Applied Science (Honours Mechanical Engineering) from the University of Waterloo and is a registered Professional Engineer in Ontario. Ms. Cassidy has been an active member in the biomechanics community since 2006 and in the accident reconstruction industry since 2010. Her expertise spans both biomechanical and mechanical engineering. She has been involved in hundreds of cases involving vehicles, pedestrians, motorcycles, farm equipment, and cyclists. Her specialty areas are biomechanics, personal injury, injury probability, seatbelt usage, slip, trip and falls, and determination of occupant position. Ms. Cassidy also conducts collision reconstruction and damage consistency analyses. She is a published author and has provided litigation support. Karla’s personal interests include the outdoors, camping, hiking, and spending time with her kids.

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