While vehicles are much more secure than they used to be, the modern vehicle is not an impenetrable fort; stolen vehicles cost Canadian insurance companies (and subsequently, everyone who pays for auto insurance) millions of dollars every year. To make matters even more complicated, vehicle theft and fraud come into overlap in a number of situations.

With many legitimate vehicle thefts taking place, how can an insurer decipher between meritorious and fraudulent claims? Like any crime, vehicle theft leaves behind forensic tracks. An expert can help piece together the sequence of events by looking at the following physical and digital evidence:

  • Physical evidence of forced entry, or attempts to physically bypass the vehicle’s doors and steering wheel locks.
  • Electronic footprints of the thief’s attempts to hack through the immobilizer.
  • Vehicle telemetric data (or telematics) of the last phones, or other devices, connected to the vehicle via Bluetooth, wirelessly or otherwise.
  • Vehicle Navigation or Informatics System data, which may include vehicle route data.
  • Vehicle EDR or black box data, which may contain and record VIN and Odometer data associated with a crash event or incident, especially on newer vehicles.
  • Stored data on the key of when it was last used.
  • DNA evidence from the driver on the airbags or otherwise.
  A reportedly stolen vehicle may contain a treasure trove of physical and digital evidence that can help answer questions such as: Was the vehicle broken into? How many keys are enrolled to the vehicle? How was the vehicle operated? Was the owner in the vehicle during a collision? Further, the key of a reportedly stolen vehicle can be forensically examined to determine if it even belongs to the missing car. Just keep in mind that vehicle and/or key evidence ought to be preserved as soon as possible to ensure the best chance of expertly interpreting the evidence before it is cleared or destroyed.

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