Forensic Services:
Overview & Accident Reconstruction

Our team of experts have investigated thousands of collisions and personal injuries ranging from the simplest “fender-bender” to highly complex multi-vehicle collisions. Taking into account multiple elements, from the environmental conditions to the sequences of events to the drivers’ behaviours, we provide in depth investigation and analysis to support your needs.


The following is an overview of our service model:

✔  Roadway vehicles: automobiles, motorcycles, transport trucks, commercial vehicles, buses, streetcars

✔  Personal injuries

✔  Pedestrians

✔  Cyclists

✔  Animals

✔  Off-road vehicles and equipment (i.e. snowmobiles, ATVs)

✔  Farm vehicles and equipment

✔  Vehicle collisions with foreign objects

✔  Trains

✔  Amusement ride and theme park incidents

✔  Industrial and construction incidents

✔  and more…


Kodsi Forensic Engineering can help!

The first step for the majority of investigations is for us to produce a reconstruction of the incident. We reconstruct the sequence of events by analyzing all of the available physical evidence using the appropriate engineering and relevant scientific techniques, which may include any combination of the following: document review, research, data retrieval, vehicle & scene examinations, measurements, calculations, analysis, drawings, simulations, animations, and testing.


Because no two reconstructions are exactly the same, our clients rely on our ability to use the right techniques in the right circumstances.

Peer Review: Our Quality Control Step

In an effort to ensure consistently high-quality forensic services, Kodsi Forensic Engineering employs a formal “Internal Peer Reviewing” phase in all of its investigations. Internal Peer Reviewing is Kodsi Forensic Engineering’s quality control step whereby one professional’s opinion on a discipline or area of expertise is strengthened by that of a peer.

Benefits of internal Peer Reviewing include, but are not limited to:

  1. Strengthening of the forensic opinion by the lead expert
  2. Reduction in the overall time spent on an investigation

For many investigations, you may want further analysis, and an opinion regarding liability, injury, or fraud. Please read below for more information on these supplementary services.



Injury Biomechanics


Often our clients have additional questions they need help getting answers to, such as  Was the collision avoidable? Who was seated where? Was this injury caused by this accident? Did these vehicles even collide? Once a reconstruction has been completed and we have a solid understanding of how incident occurred, we can begin tackling these more complicated questions.

Click on your area of interest above to explore what we can offer in support of liability, injury, and fraud investigations to help answer questions pertinent to your claim investigation.

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