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Beyond Black Boxes

With the proliferation of sensors and sub-systems in modern-day vehicles, we have access to more data than ever, and consequently, the potential for a clearer understanding of what happened in crash-related claims.

EDR “Black Box” Data

Since the 1990’s, our forensic engineers have retrieved and analyzed EDR (also called ACM) “black box” data for crash reconstructions and assessments of liability, injury, and even fraud. With the vast majority of vehicles produced in 2010 and onwards having accessible EDRs, they are becoming a staple of automotive data forensics. As curious engineers, we have also crash-tested their reliability and accuracy in order to utilize the data appropriately in the context of the crash.  When accessed by a properly trained data retrieval tech and analyst, and examined within the context of all available evidence, EDRs can provide information such as vehicle speed (5+ seconds pre-crash), seat-belt status, brake input, and steering inputs. To learn more about black boxes, scroll down to see our many free educational resources.

Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTCs) + Infotainment Data

Beyond the black box, there are other numerous other data sources we can mine from to get answers regarding vehicles and drivers involved in claims. Our engineering experts can scan a vehicle’s infomatics, telematics, and/or other ECUs to access diagnostic trouble codes (DTCs) related to the vehicle’s powertrain, chassis, body systems, and more in order to see if any of the faults may have been a factor in the incident or in the vehicle’s history. We can also scan infotainment systems for driver-related data (which may require their written consent). With these cutting-edge computer diagnostic tools, we dig deeper into the electronic brains of the vehicle. Most importantly, we make the data make sense in the context of the incident in question based on an engineering evaluation in the context of an incident.

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