Recently, Kodsi Forensic Engineering’s Dr. Cristin McCarty travelled to Glasgow, Scotland as an invited speaker at the 25th International Society of Biomechanics Conference to present her Ph.D. research on impact loading as it relates to joint injury and osteoarthritis. This is an area of study that is currently under-researched. “Advancements in this field will lead to a better understanding of possible long term effects resulting from traumatic joint injuries,” explains Dr. McCarty.

Academic conferences provide the opportunity for our experts to showcase current research within their fields and to develop new relationships and partnerships with other experts. The conference Dr. McCarty spoke at offered a wide variety of biomechanics research ranging from the injury mechanics of soft tissue and concussions, to muscle neurophysiology – i.e. how certain diseases or pathologies affect muscular control and reaction time. Dr. McCarty explains the importance of attending conferences in relation to her current work: ”Meeting and  speaking with the top biomechanics researchers in the world allows me to keep up to date with the latest research and provides the opportunity to foster collaborative partnerships for future research endeavours.”

The opportunity for our experts to participate in continuing education and dissemination of their research and knowledge is beneficial in strengthening their opinions and expertise within the industry.

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