Evidence & Documents
to Submit to Us

The following is a list of documents which are useful for our investigations (if applicable/available):

Police Investigation

 Police Motor Vehicle Accident (MVA) Report
☐  Police Reconstruction Report
☐  Police officers’ notes
☐  Measurements, diagrams
☐  Black box (Electronic Data Recorder) data
☐  Vehicle inspection forms
☐  Photographs/videos of the collision scene
☐  Photographs of the vehicles

Vehicle/Property Damage Documents

☐  Damage appraisals or repair estimates
☐  Digital photographs of the vehicles
☐  Prior claim/accident history

Medical Information

☐  Auto Insurance Claim Forms
☐  Prior medical history
☐  Ambulance call reports
☐  Reported symptoms/injuries

Driver and Passenger Information

☐  Collision Centre Report
☐  Collision Centre photographs
☐  Photographs of the scene/vehicles
☐  Cell phone photographs
☐  Witness statements
☐  Examination Under Oath transcripts
☐  Examination for Discovery transcripts

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