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Step into the driver’s seat and watch our videos, featuring some of our crash tests and additional behind the scenes footage.

Watch the highlights from our latest Crash Conference:


Watch our 2015 Crash Test
at the OIAA Provincial Claims Conference:

Watch our 2014 Crash Tests
with commentary by our lead experts

Watch our 2013 Crash Tests
from our first Crash Test Conference:

Hundreds of professionals in the legal, insurance, and law enforcement industries have convened at our crash testing events in order to see for themselves how vehicles and sometimes even actual volunteer human subjects move during crashes.

Our work is fuelled by research and crash testing. Our engineers, scientists, and technicians have conducted many different crash tests at various speeds, including tests with rear end, T-bone, sideswipe, frontal, under-ride, and rollover impacts.

The planning team chooses crash scenarios wherein gaps in research exist and which will also emulate the least-studied real world situations in order to be most useful for attendees in their claims investigations. Our research includes studying the reliability of EDR data in real world crashes.

After each crash test, attendees observe as our forensic experts survey, measure, document, and collect data from the crash scene, vehicles, and test subjects. Attendees are then invited to inspect the vehicles up-close and ask us questions.

Weeks are spent studying and planning the crash tests featured at the events, and even more time is spent analyzing crash test information after the events. All of the photographs, videos, and data collected from the vehicles and crash test subjects is available and is used to produce research and publication that will expand the industry’s knowledge base.

To purchase data from our crash tests, please email

Let us bring the crash conference to you!

We have developed a seminar based on the data from the crash test conferences that can be brought to you. Please contact us to schedule a seminar at our office or yours!

Note: There were no lasting injuries as a result of the crash tests depicted in these videos. The crash tests were planned and conducted by highly-trained accident reconstruction experts. The crash tests shown in these videos should under no circumstances be attempted by an individual who is not a trained professional.

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