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Crash Testing articles:

To deploy or not to deploy? That is the question…

We are often asked to explain why the airbags did or didn’t deploy in a particular collision. Many people have a misconception that airbags will or should “go off” if the vehicle was travelling faster than a certain speed. But travel speed is not a key factor for... read more

Using Video Evidence in Accident Reconstruction

  We love objective evidence. When forensic experts get video footage related to a collision or incident, it’s like Christmas came early for us. Photos of the incident scene with the vehicles still in their final rest positions are like that sweater from your... read more

Crash Conference 3 Highlights

All of us at Kodsi Forensic Engineering would like to extend our sincerest thanks to all attendees who participated in our conference and helped make it our best Crash Conference to date! We have compiled a very short video to share some of the highlights of the day... read more

WREX 2016

Our senior crash reconstruction engineers, Sam Kodsi and Shady Attalla, are spending this week studying a dozen unique crash tests and attending seminars at the world’s largest crash reconstruction conference – WREX 2016!  The crash test lineup at WREX has... read more

Crash Testing Science: Why Do We Crash?

Vehicle collisions occur every day in every imaginable combination of vehicle type, speed, angle, and a plethora of other factors. Studying the physics of all sorts of collisions is important for a number of reasons, the foremost of which are to improve vehicle safety... read more

Watch our new video: Crashing for Research

Step into the driver’s seat and learn all about our crash testing. Our 2014 Crash Conference video shows you some of our crash tests and additional behind the scenes footage with commentary by our lead experts.   UPDATE: Our Crash Conferences have gotten... read more

KEI’s 1st Crash Test Conference

The staff at KEI would like to extend a big thank you to all attendees for making our first Crash Test Conference a huge success! The conference was held on May 31st in Mississauga where nearly one hundred and fifty professionals in the legal, insurance, and law... read more
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