Kodsi Engineering is monitoring the global and national developments in relation to COVID-19. Contingency plans and processes are in place with a focus on ensuring the safety of our employees and the continuity of service to our clients.

Strategies to combat the exposure of this virus have been put into place by Kodsi Engineering, as our duties involve travel, interaction with our clients and others. We have been proactively ensuring that our policies and actions are implemented quickly to protect the health and safety of our experts, staff and all those we interact with.  Our core business and network are enabled to work remotely to continue providing our services and meet our clients’ high expectations in the event that employees are unable to access their workspaces. We will also continue to provide our educational seminars online.

We thank you for your understanding and cooperation in advance as we continue to monitor this quickly evolving situation closely on Canada’s Public Health website. We hope that this will pass quickly; our thoughts and prayers are with all during this difficult time.  We wish you and yours health and wellness.

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