Have you ever found yourself wishing you had that important piece of scene evidence or the black box data from a vehicle which is no longer available?  The evidence related to a claim becomes vulnerable right after the incident happens, and without proactively making the decision to preserve the scene and vehicle evidence early in the claims process, insurers run the risk of paying out for claims that they may not have needed to. For example, in some vehicles, black box data may be erased after a certain number of ignition key cycles and data from any non-locked event could be overwritten by a subsequent event.

All too frequently, we are retained years after the collision when the vehicles are long gone, black boxes have been destroyed, and scene evidence has faded away. Hiring us early, when this evidence is still available, will help us in providing you the answers you need later on when claims come under the microscope. The physical evidence we document can also guide you through your investigation of the claim. Involving the expert in the beginning phases of your claim can even be quite economical. Contact us for a quotation.


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