Detailed Programme for Crash Conference 3, featuring high speed crash tests!

Apr 5, 2016 | Company Announcements, Crash Testing, Learning (Courses, Conferences, Seminars, and Webinars)



Our clients asked for faster crashes at our crash conferences, and we listened!

Kodsi Forensic Engineering has shifted the focus of this year’s crash conference to feature several high-speed crash tests powered by new technology and mechanical pulley systems.

This year’s conference will be our biggest yet, with the occupants removed from the vehicles so that we can safely conduct higher speed crash testing before your very eyes.

This unique event will allow you to observe the vehicle dynamics and resulting damage from four crash tests, and you will be invited to approach the crashed vehicles up-close following each crash. In between crash tests, attendees will be able to sharpen their knowledge by attending the following educational seminars: “The Future of the Black Box,” “A Case Study in Applied Biomechanics: Who was really driving?,” and “The Driverless Frontier.”

We also have the pleasure of hosting Dr. Nick Bontis as keynote speaker. Dr. Bontis is an award-winning Professor of Strategy from McMaster University, Director of the Institute for Intellectual Capital Research, 3M National Teaching Fellow, and one of the top 5 management keynote speakers world-wide. He will deliver an enlightening and action-packed presentation on how to manage information bombardment and change, issues that are affecting everyone, including the insurance and legal industries, and the experts they rely on.

If you haven’t registered already, we hope you will join us at this unique and exciting event!

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