Learning Objectives


By watching this online course, participants will learn the basics about automotive EDRs (“black boxes”), including:

·       Their design and function
·       How they work
·       What data is recorded
·       How the data is obtained
·       Their benefits and limitations (demonstrated through reconstruction case studies)


EDR “Black Box” Related Resources

"Black Box" Quick Info Sheet

Download our one page summary on automotive “black boxes”


Go to our seminar page to request a 1-hour in-depth “black box” seminar, or view our other seminar topics.

Vehicle Coverage List

View the current listing of vehicles with EDR “black boxes” that can be imaged

Crashing for Research

Step into the driver’s seat and watch our videos, featuring some of our crash tests and additional behind the scenes footage

The Airbag Deployment Decision

Read our blog article where we explore the factors that affect the EDR’s decision of hether or not to deploy an airbag.

Evidence Preservation

See our evidence preservation service offerings; we are able preserve evidence Canada-wide from automotive, personal injury, and property losses.

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