Black Box Information &
List of Covered Vehicles

Black Box Crash Course

Learn all the essentials you need to know about automotive EDRs


The "Black Box": Quick Info

Go to our one page summary on automotive black boxes


Black Boxes & Evidence Preservation Info

Go to our brief presentation on black boxes & evidence preservation


Vehicle Coverage List

Go to listing of vehicles with black boxes that can be imaged


The “Black Box” Summary Sheet

Read our one page summary on black boxes below or click here to download a PDF copy.

Black Boxes & Evidence Preservation

Click through our slideshare presentation below to learn more about current black box or EDR (Electronic Data Recorder) technology in vehicles and what information can be preserved after a crash. To arrange a much more in-depth presentation at our office or yours, see our list of available seminar topics and get in touch with us.


Vehicle Coverage List


Below you can find the latest listing of vehicles for which we can image the information stored in the Electronic Data Recorder (EDR, better known as the “black box”). If you are having trouble viewing the list, you can click here to download the vehicle coverage list.

We can help you preserve black box and vehicle evidence

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