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Biomechanics & Personal Injury articles:

To deploy or not to deploy? That is the question…

We are often asked to explain why the airbags did or didn’t deploy in a particular collision. Many people have a misconception that airbags will or should “go off” if the vehicle was travelling faster than a certain speed. But travel speed is not a key factor for... read more

The Driver in Question: Who was really driving?

Sometimes after a collision has occurred, there is an uncertainty around who was actually driving at the time of the crash. We call this, as you probably do too, the “Who was driving?” scenario. The “Who was driving?” scenario arises when: No one admits to being the... read more

“Bracing” for The Future of Injury Biomechanics

With the increasing autonomous capabilities of vehicles, and with fully driverless cars just on the horizon, many automotive manufacturers are promising a future with fewer traffic fatalities and serious injuries. Although the types of crashes we see most often will... read more

Measuring Slip Resistance

When investigating a slip and fall incident, our forensic experts are often asked to comment on how slippery a surface would have been under certain conditions and whether a typical person would have slipped in that situation. In order to answer these two questions,... read more

The Effect of Age on Slip, Trip, and Falls

  Walking is an essential motor skill used during the activities of daily life. There are factors that can affect an individuals’ stability during locomotion and should be considered when determining the risk and probability of sustaining an injury due to a slip,... read more

How a Properly Worn Seatbelt Does its Job

Correctly worn seat belts help to contain occupants in their seats and allow most of the collision forces associated with a rapidly decelerating vehicle to be applied across the chest and pelvis. A properly fitted shoulder belt should lie securely across the center of... read more

Watch your feet on vacation!

In Canada, there are standards and guidelines for walkways and roadways to promote pedestrian and motorist safety. Unfortunately, many counties do not have the same standards for walkway discontinuities, potholes, and other hazards that lead to trips, slips, and... read more

Give Your Neck a Chance

How to Properly Position Your Head Restraint   Neck injuries in rear end collisions are extremely common and account for billions of dollars in insurance claims every year.  Where your seatbelt restricts the forward motion of your body relative to the vehicle in... read more

Walking the Walk

Imagine yourself walking along a sidewalk by yourself on a nice sunny day. Now imagine yourself jaywalking across a busy wet street during a rainstorm. In each of these two scenarios, you most likely pictured yourself moving at different speeds. Pedestrian speed is a... read more
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