As our children/ nieces / nephews / grandchildren are getting back to school, it’s a perfect time for professionals of all fields to sharpen their knowledge. This summer, several of our experts worked hard on refining our existing seminars and developing three new seminars (topics below). We have been noticing increased collaboration between claims teams, legal counsel, and the experts that they retain, and we teach seminars so that we may all work better together by working smarter, not harder.

Here are our newest free seminar topics:

  • Bringing the Crash Conference to You
    You may have heard about the crash conference it or even seen it in person. Now that we’ve crunched the numbers and analyzed all of the data from those crash tests, we’ve distilled the most important learning points into a supercharged black box presentation. This presentation compares crash tests to real-life case studies and shows the importance and the limitations of black box data.
  • Evidence Preservation & Accident Reconstruction in Claims related to Commercial Vehicles
    Commercial trucks weigh more than 40 times as much as a car, so incidents that involve these kinds of vehicles require special considerations. Commercial vehicles are increasingly equipped with sensors, telematics and offer rich black box data, which is important to preserve and look at in the context of all the physical evidence. This presentation also uses several court-tested case studies with an emphasis on liability issues.
  • Forensic Investigation of Slip, Trip, and Fall Incidents
    Falls are the second
     leading cause of accidental death. This presentation takes a look at how we answer questions like: Does the building meet the building code?  Is the floor surface too slippery?  Did the environment contribute to the fall? Finding the answer to these questions allows involved parties to identify the variables that are or are not relevant to a personal injury loss.

sam-seminarAll of our seminars are taught by our forensic engineers and scientists. Click here to go to a comprehensive list of all the free seminars we offer. We can even combine topics and offer a customized seminar for you and your team (all group sizes welcome). If you’re interested in scheduling a seminar with us, please send an email to and indicate the topic(s) your team would like to learn more about, or give us a call directly at 1-800-263-6351.


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