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Accident Reconstruction articles:

Now Available: Tesla “Black Box” EDR Downloads

Kodsi Forensic Engineering is pleased to announce that we have expanded our provision of Event Data Recorder Tools again.  We can now download data from the airbag control modules of Tesla vehicles.  The Tesla modules record essentially the same “15 standard elements”... read more

Present and Future Applications of the “Black Box”

Since access to automotive “black box” data first became available in the early 1990s, they have increasingly become a gold mine of information for insurers and investigators alike. What we colloquially refer to as a “black box” in an automobile is officially known as... read more

To deploy or not to deploy? That is the question…

We are often asked to explain why the airbags did or didn’t deploy in a particular collision. Many people have a misconception that airbags will or should “go off” if the vehicle was travelling faster than a certain speed. But travel speed is not a key factor for... read more

Reconstructing Night-time Visibility

Pedestrian fatalities account for approximately 15% of all motor vehicle accident related deaths, and more than half occur at night when visibility is reduced. So, when we as accident reconstructionists are asked to determine whether a typical driver could have... read more

Using Video Evidence in Accident Reconstruction

  We love objective evidence. When forensic experts get video footage related to a collision or incident, it’s like Christmas came early for us. Photos of the incident scene with the vehicles still in their final rest positions are like that sweater from your... read more

Post-Crash Questions for Statements & Discoveries

We have refreshed our list of questions to ask drivers and passengers when taking statements or conducting examinations under oath. This handy and organized one-page document will help you gather all applicable details about the collision. The information you collect... read more

Was the Black Box wrong? A Case Study

The “black box” is often regarded as the Holy Grail of evidence when investigating a crash. But is the black box always right? The following case study demonstrates the importance of examining black box data with an underlying knowledge of its limitations, and always... read more

The Art and Science of Photogrammetry

Measurements of scene evidence or vehicle damage are often used in forensic analysis and reconstruction because many of the calculations used to answer questions depend on these measurements. One of the techniques experts use to accurately measure evidence such as... read more

Headlight Technologies & Accident Reconstruction

Have you ever driven down a roadway at night and looked into your rear-view mirror, only to be blasted by the super bright headlights of the vehicle behind you? If you have, you already know first-hand of one of the downsides of advanced headlight technology: having... read more

View Engineering Simulations of a Head-on Collision

Forensic engineering simulations are one of the many tools our experts utilize to refine their understanding of a collision or vehicle dynamics. When created by professional experts with intimate knowledge of the complex, physics-based accident-reconstruction... read more
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