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Kodsi Forensic Engineering brings together the expertise of eight distinct engineering and science disciplines to deliver outstanding capabilities to clients in need of forensic investigation services related to motor vehicle collisions and personal injuries, including slip, trip and falls. With a 55-year history and the experience gained through more than 20,000 investigations and over 200 court testimonies, we have investigated a very diverse range of incidents ranging from simple rear-enders to complex incidents involving multiple vehicles, pedestrians, off-road equipment, and more. Our dedication to refining our skills and techniques through research, education and peer-reviewing ensures that we are providing our clients with the highest calibre and most objective investigation services using only proven scientific methods. Our expertise is communicated clearly through straightforward and court-ready engineering reports and litigation support.
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The Industry’s Leading Experts

The engineers and scientists on our team have experience in forensic engineering, accident investigation and reconstruction, automotive manufacturing, biomechanics, transportation and roadway engineering, materials science, laboratory testing, locksmithing, research, and more. All of our experts receive continuous education and conduct gap-filling research to remain knowledgeable about the latest technology and methods relevant to their work. Clients can expect that their investigations, led by a diverse group of skilled experts, are always based on the latest and greatest scientifically accepted research, methodologies, and technology.
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Research Trailblazers

When analyzing forensic evidence, we use only the soundest peer-reviewed technical research. But rather than relying solely on the existing knowledge base, we also fund and conduct our own research to contribute new data, models, methods, and formulae to the field. We are constantly exploring concepts that have not been studied or tested enough, or even at all. This is especially true for information that our team requires to support their analysis and reconstruction of crashes. Our Crash Test Conference is one such research initiative that allows us to remain an industry leader. Other examples relate to biomechanics, driver behaviour and pedestrian behaviour. Our company funds over 75% of its research initiatives, and our experts are authors of internationally recognized publications. Our dedication to research and education translates into a win-win-win for us, our clients, and other professionals in the industry; we continue to be trailblazers in accident reconstruction, driver behaviour and biomechanics, while our clients and peers benefit from refined expertise that stands up to the scrutiny of cross-examination.
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A Very Forensic History

Kodsi Forensic Engineering was founded in 2006 by Sam Kodsi, a mechanical engineer with extensive experience in automotive safety, accident reconstruction, injury biomechanics, driver behaviour and a knack for research and crash testing. In 2013, Kodsi Engineering acquired Forensic Engineering Inc., which pioneered forensic engineering investigations by being one of the first firms in Canada to offer the expertise in 1968. Kodsi Forensic Engineering has continued to build on the rich heritage with a reputation for objective, science-backed, research-based, and court-tested forensic engineering opinions. In 2017, Kodsi Forensic Engineering entered into a partnership with DIALOG, a leading multi-disciplinary Canadian architecture, engineering, design and urban planning firm, in order to provide even more extensive multidsiciplinary expertise. Kodsi Forensic Engineering is committed to continuous education, refined expertise and to-the-point answers.

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Kodsi Forensic Engineering by the Numbers




court testimonies in support of the legal and insurance sectors


court testimonies in support of the legal and insurance sectors

years of forensic engineering experience


years of forensic engineering experience

engineering & science disciplines


engineering and science disciplines

Why Choose Kodsi Forensic Engineering?

Multidisciplinary Expertise

Our experts span 8 engineering and science disciplines, ensuring that you get a 360 degree view of your investigation. Our resume includes a history of over 20,000 investigations, more than a dozen peer-reviewed publications, and 55 years of experience.

Court-ready reports

Our reports are easy to read and customizable according to different investigations. Our opinions are always backed by proven science, research, and testing, and can stand up to scrutiny in court. Absolute objectivity is paramount in all that we do.

Fair Value

We provide high-value investigation services at reasonable and justifiable prices. Since there is no one-size-fits-all approach, we work with our clients to decide what services are best suited to their specific case.

Research Trailblazers

Our dedication to research translates into a win-win situation for us and for our clients: we continue to actively advance our field, while our clients benefit from high-caliber refined expertise.

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