Forensic Services:
Injury Biomechanics Investigations

Were impact forces great enough to cause injury? Could the injury have resulted from this incident? Was the occupant wearing a seat belt? Would a seat belt have mitigated the injury? Who was sitting where? Was the floor surface slippery?

These are just some of the questions that our biomechanics experts can answer. We assess the physical evidence and medical information using the latest technology and relevant research (including our very own). Our unique peer-review process results in the most science-backed expert opinion.

The following is a list of common biomechanical assessments we conduct to help get answers for your injury investigations:

 Impact of crash severity on occupants 

✔  Injury probability

✔  Occupant movement (kinematics)

✔  Mechanism of injury

✔  Usage of safety equipment (i.e. seat belts)

✔  Seat belt effectiveness

✔  Helmet effectiveness

✔  Identification of positioning of occupants (who was seated where)

✔  Surface slipperiness (slip testing)

✔  Trip and fall assessment

✔  Assessment of other personal injuries

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