Forensic Services: Evidence Preservation

We believe in the importance of preserving evidence:
It helps us help you get to the truth!

All too often, clients are faced with challenging situations where the evidence available in a given claim investigation is minimal or simply insufficient.

Given that the certainty of expert opinions is often dependent on the availability and quality of evidence, having access to black box data, detailed forensic photographs and other relevant physical evidence is critical to the outcome of an investigation. Our experts are trained to image information contained within a vehicle’s black box, provided of course that the data is made accessible by the manufacturer. As the risk of spoliation is always present, our experts are highly skilled at employing correct procedures to ensure data integrity and chain of custody. For a list of covered vehicles, click here. Physical evidence obtained through photographs and mechanical and visual assessments are also vital. All experts are trained and qualified to conduct such assessments and glean valuable information that can be pivotal to your claim! Collecting evidence is one of the most efficient and cost effective methods of finding the truth.


Learn More about the “Black Box”

Watch the "Black Box" Crash Course video

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Black Boxes & Evidence Preservation Info

Go to our brief presentation on black boxes & evidence preservation

Vehicle Coverage List

Go to listing of vehicles with black boxes that can be imaged

Vehicle Coverage List

Go to listing of vehicles with black boxes that can be imaged

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